Friday, October 3, 2008

Nice Calm Week

Everything has been pretty laid back around the Fillmore house for the last week which was very welcome after last week's events.  Sydney is all healed and will most likely not even have a scar to show when she tells her story thanks to the expertise of our plastic surgeon friend.  She does have two scabs on her knees from a sweet wipeout in the park on Tuesday, but I will take a couple of bloody knees any day over a trip to the ER for a date with a plastic surgeon and his scary looking torture devices.  
Sydney is convinced that "her babies" are both girls and is already purchasing gifts for them most recently in the form of identical pink elephants.  I am open for suggestions on what to do with these gifts if we find out the babies are boys.  Speaking of... the big day is only two days away!!! So please be sure to tune in sometime on Monday for the BIG announcement and hopefully some pictures if I can figure out the scanner to computer stuff. 
I am finally well and truly showing now and I seem to get bigger each day instead of each week with Sydney, so who knows just how big I will end up before they are born.  I will try to upload some pix in the near future.  I just really am not sure how to do it.  If they are on the computer already, I might be able to figure out where they are and how to get them on the blog, but if I have to download (or is it upload?) them from the camera... forget it.  Probably not going to happen.


Holly said...

YAY! I cannot wait to hear the news! Call me soon!

Lori said...

Waiting with baited breath...and, if there's an extra ELLIE-phant, I'm sure Maria's little Ellie would love it :)