Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Go Cats!

We went to Abilene this weekend for ACU's homecoming.  We all had a great time and Sydney had a blast!  She went to a carnival, parade, played with her friends from Austin, and got to go to the zoo!  We also took some pictures while we were there for our Christmas card.  She was not too cooperative during the morning session, so we had to go back after nap to try again. Luckily those pictures went much better and our Christmas card has been ordered!  I have posted some of the more candid pictures from the shoot for you to enjoy.

Here she is posing in her new ACU cheerleader uniform.  We passed by a cheerleader on our way to the car and Sydney yelled out, "GO CATS!"  She was so excited!

Here she is showing you what she does about 15 times a day, hugging her brothers.
This is a fun action shot of her in the new dress I made for her birthday.
Smelling a rose.
Posing with the cute statues.

On the steps in the science building.

And here are some pictures from the Abilene Zoo. For those of you who don't know, this is one of the absolute best zoos for kids. They actually let you feed the animals with this special animal food they give you at the gate.  Sydney loved it! Especially feeding the giraffes on the bridge that goes over their enclosure because you can place the food right onto their outstretched tongues.


Lori said...

Holy cow!! I knew you'd show, but seeing it is amazing!!! Those brothers sure do take up some room, huh? I LOVE it!

Holly said...

Ahhh...memories! I love it! You look so awesome! Call me soon