Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Day After

Sydney stayed home from school yesterday and I will probably want to keep her home at least one more day just to keep an eye on her.  I know I can't protect her every second, but I sure want to try.  The doorbell rang after her nap yesterday and we both went to see who it was.  I had completely forgotten we had ordered a dollhouse for her birthday (in November) and sure enough it was the UPS guy delivering her dollhouse.  She shrieked with delight and ran around in circles saying, "My dollhouse is here! My dollhouse is here!"  Now how could I deny this poor innocent little child who mere hours before had received seven stitches such a small thing that brought her such obvious pleasure?  What kind of mom would I be if I didn't immediately open the box and present her with the dollhouse? Even if it was still almost two months until her birthday.  SO... she has now been playing with said dollhouse nonstop except for eating and sleeping and it is so much fun to watch her singing to her dolls and walking them up the stairs. This particular dollhouse came with twin babies (which is why it was the obvious choice for her) much to her delight.  She is so enamored with babies right now and everywhere we go when she sees a baby, she asks if she can go see the baby.  Most of the time I tell her yes and so off she goes.  She touches the baby's feet (the only place we allow her to touch) and very quickly proceeds to inform the mother that she is having two babies. Which I think in her mind makes her special and different from everyone else. We were at the library the other day picking out books and I tried to get her to pick a book about a mom that is having a baby. She flipped through a couple of pages, but was quick to inform me that this mommy was only having one baby and she was having two.  She put it back on the shelf.  Do any of you ever wonder when our children got so smart?

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Lori said...

Hilarious that your girl already knows that the twins are special--and she as well as part of the big-sister-to-twins-process!