Sunday, January 18, 2009


The boys reached a significant milestone in the NICU today: they are now in open crib. For those of you familiar with NICU procedures you know how big this is, for those of you who don't, this is one step closer to coming home.  They have been bottle feeding most of their feedings for the last three days and their caregivers feel they are ready for the next challenge which is maintaining their own body temperature. They have been in individual isolettes thus far and today they ordered a big crib for them to share together. So not only have they reached the next challenge, they will be in the same bed!  I am so excited that they will finally be together!  Once they are sleeping next to each other I think they will do so much better.  Tony went up at the five o clock feeding and helped transition them to their new "big boy bed," and I went up at eight to see them in it for myself.  I also took some pictures and video which I hope to post on here as soon as Tony uploads them to the computer. I still don't do that.  I don't really have much interest in learning how either since Tony is so very capable and efficient at it. I pump milk-he does gadgety things. We each have our duties.  
On our list of NICU challenges:
Bottle feeding- check
Open crib-check
Maintaining temp- so far check
Next up-
Car seat challenge!
Rooming in with Mom and Dad
More on all of these future challenges soon!

For more pictures of the boys please check out this website:

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