Friday, January 2, 2009

The End is Nigh

Tuesday's sonogram and appointment went well.  We learned the boys each weigh almost four pounds and look good.  I have started dilating and really have to take it easy. Like I haven't been doing that for a month and a half already!  Tuesday afternoon, my contractions got to five minutes apart and my doc sent me to L and D for evaluation.  They determined I was not in "active labor," gave me some medicine and sent me home.  Thank goodness.  I was placed on full bedrest for the next three days and told to obey it completely.  And so, I have not done anything since Tuesday, including blogging about our trip to L and D because the laptop was upstairs and I am not allowed to go get it.  Tony has been on call this week so we have not had him around much.  Sydney and I both had a horrible day on Wednesday-it's best not to even discuss it.  Yesterday and today have been much better.  She is watching way too much tv, but if the alternative is having two babies in the NICU for an extra couple of weeks, I will let her watch as much tv as is required to keep her happy.  Her best friends are either out of town or sick so she can't play with them.  There is hope just around the corner though-school starts Monday!  She will start at her new Monday Wednesday school next week and she is very excited. She will still be at her Tuesday Thursday school so she will have activities Mon- Thurs from now on. Praise the Lord!  She and I are both just super excited.  
We will officially reach the 34 week mark this weekend and I am so relieved.  My doc said when we started this journey if I made it to week 34, he wouldn't stop me if I went into labor.  So the boys will really be here any day now.  I still have contractions all the time and they are increasing in intensity.  I will try and let all of you know when the show starts if at all possible. 


Holly said...

I have been talking/thinging about you nonstop today. I am just so excited that the boys have stayed in this far and that you have been such a trooper through the forever long bedrest! Talk to you soon!! Love you!

Lori said...

They're coming! They're coming!!! I know it must be tough waiting, but you're right..if it gives a few extra days for them to stay with you and out of NICU, it will be worth it!!

Can't wait!!!!

Betsy said...

Yay I found your blog again! So happy to have made contact with you again before your sweet little boys arrive. I'll be praying for a healthy delivery for the 3 of you!