Sunday, January 4, 2009

Another Trip to L & D

We got sent back to L & D last night. Luckily they were able to stop my contractions with some turbutilene (sp?) and they sent us back home.  Sweet Tony said, "Well, if it takes us coming up here once a week for the next two weeks to keep them in a little longer, then that's what we'll do." And as usual, he is so right.  We were only up there for about two hours and our babysitter was able to come as soon as we called her, so it was not all that much trouble.  For every one day they stay in the womb, they stay out of NICU for three to four days!!!  When you look at those numbers, a little inconvenience and turbutilene is nothing.  I am back to full bedrest once again and I go back to my doc tomorrow morning for my weekly check. I shall update all of you tomorrow morning after the appt.


Rachel said...

wow, I can't believe they are almost here! I am so happy you've made it this far. Good luck with everything. I'm sure they will be nothing less than perfect.

Holly said...

Keep those legs crossed! They are almost ready...but not quite. Hang in there!!!!