Monday, February 9, 2009


Sorry to all of my blog fans for not updating recently. As you have probably guessed from the title, we are in triage mode at the Fillmore house. Merely surviving day to day and sometimes hour to hour. Both boys are on a very good schedule and eating, pooping and sleeping as they should. Just when we get done feeding them at one feeding, it seems like it is already time for the next feeding. I can get a few things done in between, but not much. Things are getting better, but it will be awhile before we are out of triage mode.
Sydney is starting to feel more comfortable with them, which I fear is not a good thing. She is in their faces a lot more and I feel it is only a matter of time before she tries to pick one of them up. I have to constantly stay on top of her to ensure the boys' safety. Her favorite baby doll, Baby Debbie, is getting a lot more of her attention than in the past right now. Hopefully, the doll will take the brunt of the attention and care. She is doing great going to school four days a week and is upset when it is not a school day. I think she will most likely continue the four days a week schedule until she actually starts kindergarten. It makes me a little sad to think she is only three years old and going to school four day a week when I think she should be home with me, but she loves it and that makes it easier. She is looking forward to her Valentine's Parties at her schools this week. She has already decided what she is going to wear which is of the utmost importance to her. She has also become the boys' stylist and takes great pride at making their wardrobe selections each day. Sometimes several times a day if she has her way. She is also the bathing assistant which she takes very seriously. And the diaper getter and taker-away. So far she hasn't been disgusted by their poopy diapers...

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Lori said...

Aren't they lucky to have a fashion forward diva to help them plan their wardrobes? :)