Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Smiling Baby

It has been almost a week since Braden got his blood transfusion and he is doing great! He is eating more aggressively than he ever did before and is interacting with us as much as Brock does. He is almost a different baby. We can tell that he just feels better. A lot more energy and his coloring is almost normal. We are still on our knees thanking God that for that still small voice that saved Braden. What an incredible blessing our sons are! And their big sister, too!
We reached another big milestone today: Brock smiled at me for the very first time. It was about fifteen minutes before the next feed and I was trying to distract him from his hunger until it was time to eat. We were looking at each other and I was bouncing him from side to side saying, Shush, shush, shush, and turning my head making smily faces when it happened. He just all of a sudden looked into my eyes and his mouth turned into a smile. What a moment! I was wondering if they would smile this week since smiling starts around six weeks of age, but since they are preemies I wasn't sure if they would be a little behind on that. I guess not, at least for Brock! Maybe Braden will smile this week, too!

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Holly said...

How sweet! I am glad everything is back on track. Talk to soon!