Monday, December 6, 2010

Is Anyone Still Out There?

My deepest apologies to all my loyal blog readers for not keeping you all updated on the Fillmore family's latest adventures. I am a terrible blogger. I have no excuses.

Perhaps I shall regale you with the highlights from the last week, or month.

Brock has a heart murmur and had an echocardiogram last week to check it out. We got the report on Saturday that it is a "normal" murmur and he will have it all his life. I was so stressed out about this. Thank goodness it is fine. What a relief.

Sydney is taking ballet again this semester and we are actually going this time. She is really enjoying it and doing quite well. We have a recital sometime in June that we have to purchase a costume for this week. I didn't realize this was how things were done. I am new to all of this. I don't think we (her best friend is in the same class) are among the teacher's pets, but we have a good time.

Braden microwaved my iphone in November. Yes. Microwaved it. Just in case you ever wondered, iphones are not microwave safe. It was in there less than two seconds, but it was totally fried. There is no coming back from the microwave. Insurance does not cover microwaving. Now I have no record of any of my appointments, none of my contacts, no email, no weather, no iphone. My plan doesn't renew until Dec. 24 at the earliest (really Jan. 24) and I am not paying full price for an iphone. Tony says someday I will be able to laugh at this story, but I just can't see the humor quite yet.

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Lori said...

I'm here and glad to see the update!!!! I'm behind in blogs but always looking for you!!!!!!! I'll text you my phone numbers and such topic...who knew iphones weren't truly invincible???
Love you!