Thursday, April 22, 2010

Last Man Standing

Brock Stood First

Braden Wasn't Far Behind

They may be standing, but they sure aren't walking. Oh how I wish they were. I am so tired of watching them crawl. Everywhere. Their grubby little paws touching everything little dirty thing on God's green earth and the not so green parts, too.

And they just keep getting sick! Not really, really sick. Just sick enough where we can't leave the house for a few days and be around people. Or go to school, so I miss those very precious wonderful joyous days called MDO. And the kids like them, too. Honest.

I am so tired of them picking up the yucky germs from the ground when they are crawling. ARRGHHH! I clean their hands just as quickly as I can, but there are two of them, they're SO fast, AND they suck their thumbs. Let's be realistic, the odds are really against me. I think if they would just start walking, we would pick up a few less germs from the ground and maybe be in a little better shape. Maybe I'm just kidding myself- just wishful thinking. Sigh.

They do have a little interest in walking. Brock will take about four steps and then lunge for his nearest target, usually me. Braden normally just plops back down onto his seat if he thinks the goal is more than one or two steps away. They truly are just content to crawl. No one crawls to kindergarten, do they?


Corinne said...

You certainly have your hands full but, they are soo CUTE!I had my twin 1 year old nephews last week for a few days and it is an adventure !Enjoy your cuties!

Monica said...

They are so cute! Okay the race is ON! Who will walk first: Braden, Brock or Libbie? I'm not betting on Libbie. She's a great crawler too and can almost stand on her own. I'm not so sure you should want your two walking tho. You remember right that they ONLY walk for a day and THEN they start RUNNING.... and yours might go in 2 dif directions! That's going to be FUN!!! :)