Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Rocky Road

Each day is a new adventure. Lately mine have all just seemed to center around the toilet.  If I am not contemplating having to throw up, throwing up, or having just finished throwing up, I am taking Sydney there or cleaning up after her.  Or telling her we just went to the toilet; and no, we don't need to go again.  Why did no one tell me that once you potty train them, they become OBSESSED with the bathroom?!  Any time we leave the house, she must go once we get wherever we are going, if she's bored, if the food has arrived at a restaurant, and any other time it strikes her fancy.  How long does this last?!! If any of you have advice, please pass it my way.

Any advice on the battle of the nausea would also be greatly appreciated.  I have tried two prescriptions from my doc so far and they don't work.  I can't stand ginger anything when I am not nauseated, so I definitely can't stand it now.  As you can see from the blog, I am currently 10 weeks along, so I am HOPING the magic number is 13 weeks for it to be over. Please pray that it is over soon.

In other news, my blog friend Betsy and her husband Brian, are currently in Kyrgyzstan meeting their son.  This is an incredible story of faith and love and I highly encourage all of you to read their story and pray for them right now- http://7313miles.blogspot.com/  They just met him today and they will get to spend six more days with him before they have to leave him for a couple of months. Please pray for strength and trust so they can endure this very difficult time apart from their son.  
On a personal note, experiencing this incredible journey through their eyes has been very bittersweet for me.  Please pray that God continues to impart His peace to me about placing our adoption on hold.  Bringing our daughter home from there is still one of the deepest desires of my heart.  I believe that the time for this is not now, but it still hurts because I am so emotionally connected to this little girl I know is part of our family and I just don't understand why the time isn't right. I trust in the Lord with all of my heart and I know He is in control of everything. Please pray for me to find the peace I am so desperately searching for. 


Lori said...

Bless your heart--I hope you feel better soon. Like I said, it's good for the babies--just remember that!!

As for the adoption...I'm praying for you to have the peace you are looking for. Sometimes it's there and we just can't see or feel it yet. Big hugs!

Rachel said...

Amber, the time will be right when you have the time and energy to give each of your children the love and attention they need...which would be very difficult with three VERY young ones at home, plus an older daughter. But, I can understand your heartache. If this is God's plan for you, He won't let you drop it. Sometimes we just have to put things on hold, which is just so hard. Why does it have to be so hard?!

Now, onto the obsessive potty fun. Alex JUST stopped doing that, though he still does if he's bored (like today when we were in line for a ride at Universal that was taking too long...though to be fair, I guess he actually DID have to go, but he could have held out longer had we not taken him). I think they like to mark their territory. Leave it to kids to just LOVE public restrooms. It's good to hear he's not the only one!